December 18, 2015

Blogger Bicara Fashion Honda Scoopy eSP with Diana Rikasari

Hello people!

I finally got a chance to meet one of my favorite fashion bloggers at Blogger Bicara Event Honda Scoopy eSP with a fashion blogger. And guess who is the guest star??? Well, she is Diana Rikasari. *YAY* This event was held at Pejaten Village and promoted by blogdetik, that's why I was so happy to come.

Honda has just released two types of Scoopy eSP which customize your characters. It looks very fashionable. It comes out with different colors: chic cream, vogue red, urban blue, estate red, capital white, etc. For the technology, Scoopy ESP added ACG starter which smoothens the engine so there will be no sound, idling stop feature that automatically shuts down the engine after a stop of more than 3 seconds and automatically turn it back on when the gas lever is rotated, answer back system, smart panel, large luggage (a capacity of 15.4 l), saving fuel, etc. Additionally, this latest generation of machines is efficient, powerful and environmentally friendly. 

The first thing I did when I arrived was taking pictures on the Photo Booth spot with Red Honda Scoopy eSP. I dressed up of course (just like the suggested dress code: stylish and sporty). I was wearing Black Long Sleeves, Short Jeans and White Leather Platform Shoes.

The event began with a greeting from MC Marina and opening remix from the DJ Regina. Without taking so long, MC Marina called Diana Rikasari and had conversations. The topic was about the best fashion outfits for bikers.

Here are some suggestions from Diana Rikasari for bikers:
- Be confident, because however weird our clothes are, as long as we are confident, it will still look attractive.
- Use comfortable outfits, this is so important.
- Specify one item, then adjust the others.
- Do mix and match, play with colors.
- Don't forget to use jacket or sweater.
- Wear comfortable shoes. But still, choose stylish boots with contrasting colors for a bold appearance or flat shoes with patterns which are comfortable.
- Monochrome style would be awesome for boys, or choose jeans, sporty jackets or jerseys instead.

The audiences were so enthusiast. Diana Rikasari also gave comments and suggestions about fashion directly to the audience by interacting with them.

After finished listening to Diana Rikasari, this event also invited the co-founder of Fitlosophy Brand named Anggi. They showed us their collections which were mostly black and white, but still, sporty and stylish.

At the end of the event, MC Marina announced the winners of the Photo Booth contest. Here are the winners of the Photo Booth contest, the first winner received Samsung Galaxy J5 and the rest of them received MAP Voucher:

This event was very interesting since I got a lot of informations about how to look more fashionable. I would love to come to such event again on other occasions. *YAY*

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