December 2, 2014

#VISITDACHIDEA Zomato Foodies Meetup at Sulawesi@Kemang

Hello Hungry Faces!

How lucky I am! It was my very first time being invited to a cool Sulawesi Restaurant in Town around Kemang. Shabrina, community manager from Zomato sent me an email about a private foodies meet up at Sulawesi@Kemang. I was curious enough how fun it was when people with the same passion with me gathered. I came there with Dea kinda late because of some reasons. We finally arrived and the waitress welcomed us. All waitresses there were highly responsive. As it was our first time, we looked like 2 kiddos that were lost in somewhere. I was amazed that all of them are truly food bloggers, professional food photographers, and foodies. What a great first time experience ever! Meeting up with new people who shared exactly the same interest with me. Dea and I acquainted with some food bloggers who are very friendly. Sharing about some restaurants that popular lately and other things according to food culinary.

The venue was spacious and super cozy. The pictures above were on 2nd floor. They also provide private room for meeting space and family space, live music corner, also dance floor.

Otak-Otak Ikan (IDR 40k) it was chewy and the fish tasted quite strong but the sauce was so so.

Different kinds of chili sauce:
Sambal Ikan Teri, Sambal Petis Pedas & Tidak Pedas, Sambal Rica-rica, Sambal Cumi, Sambal Cemangi, Saus Parape, Sambal Mata, Sambal Kecap, Sambal Dabu-Dabu, Sambal Cobek (IDR 3-7k, excess will be charged)

Ikan Bakar Rica (Depends on the type of the fish, IDR 20-48k/100gr) it tasted very spicy but it became my favourite after all.

Ikan Bakar Parape (Depends on the type of the fish, IDR 20-48k/100gr) tasted delicious, you should try it someday.

Coto Makassar (IDR 45k), the meat was so tender, recommended! You must try this one.

Baby Lobster Tumis Lada Hitam (IDR 198k) the flesh was tender but remember that you can't eat the shell, lol. It tasted quite spicy.

Sate Ayam (IDR 40-75k) tasted so yuuuuuuummy! But I don't really like its sauce.

Mantau (IDR 25k) it was pillowy and tasted better when you add Chili Singapore sauce to it. It tasted like dough ball to be honest. Quite sweet but matched the salty sauce.

Kangkung Belacan (IDR 42k) just like a normal kangkung belacan.

Mie Goreng Sulawesi (IDR 45k) it is called fried noodles while in fact, it was gravy. A bit salty and there was something crunchy in it.

Cumi Crispy Asin (IDR 65k) a bit salty and of course crispy!

Udang Goreng Crispy (Depends on the size, IDR 172-179k) tasted okay but nothing was so special.

Kudu-kudu Goreng Asam Manis (IDR 28k/100gr) it tasted quite bitter, not sure whether it was because rather hirst or what. Not sour at all but more into the sweetness.

Kepiting Chili Singapore (Depends on the weights, IDR 42-66k) it tasted delicious. Quite spicy for those who don't like spicy food, the crab was fresh too.
Kepiting Tumis Padang (Depends on the weights, IDR 42-66k) not so spicy, unluckily I forgot to take picture.

Passionfruit Smoothie (IDR 40k) tasted the best, not too sour nor sweet, it had a balance taste. 

Red Tropica (IDR 65k if I am not wrong), please make sure you get a bigger straw because it was difficult to sip if you use small straw, lol. Super yummy, the soda was quite strong, so was the watermelon and mint. Super fresh!

Cumi Telor Bakar (IDR 65K) super duper delicious!! Well-cooked, not bitter at all, tender, and easy to chew! And the way they served it was very unique. The chef cut it right in front of us.

I also tried Nasi Goreng Merah, it was not spicy at and the taste of the crab really popped out. What makes it special was the colour of the rice, which was really red.

Huge thanks to our special owner of Sulawesi@Kemang, Dave Darmawan. And of course to Zomato for inviting me to this awesome foodies meet up! And now I'll give the direction, how to get there:


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