December 4, 2014

#VISITDACHIDEA Open Rice Gathering at Soup Restaurant Senayan City

Greetings to all readers out there!

Last week we attended a gathering which was held by Open Rice Indonesia. Many food bloggers gathered in a Chinese restaurant named Soup Restaurant, located at Senayan City 4th Floor near the escalator. I'm going to write short review about the foods!

Selada Saus Tiram (IDR 45k), slightly wilted lettuce with a balance taste of oysters sauce. The oysters sauce wasn't too thick, which makes it tasted better. Rated 7.5/10.

Tahu Claypot (IDR 40k), it tasted the best of all. The tofus were soft and had a savory taste. Not only that, but this dish was also supported by some kind of sauce that was so yummy. Rated 8.5/10.

Samsui Ginger Chicken (IDR 95k), healthy food? Yes it is! It smelled good, typical hainan chicken,  um, well kind of. It was served with ginger and garlic sauce which made it tasted even better. It was rather salty and the ginger actually didn't really popped out. Rated 8.5/10.

Mie Goreng Fillet Ikan (IDR 48k), crispy noodles poured using oysters sauce, too, I guess lol. The fish fillet was still fresh. Overall was okay. Rated 8.5/10.

Wintermelon Soup (Small IDR 40k, Medium IDR 80k, Large IDR 120k), honestly this was my first time eating wintermelon. The broth was so strong, savory, and not too salty. The chicken was tender. The wintermelon tasted like fish belly and wet bread (?) well that's what I can conclude. The wintermelon was soft and I honestly like it.

Steam Sanyu Fillet (IDR 75k), yummy and salty. But nothing was so special about this. By the way the chicken was tender and the sauce was really savory. Rated 8/10.

Sio Mak Cah Ikan Tausi (IDR 45k), it was too salty and tasted quite weird because Sio Mak is  really good for health. It tasted rather bitter too. It was somewhat gummy/slimmy. Not my type of food so =  rated 6/10.

Nasi Olive Ala Teo Chew (IDR 48k), it tasted quite weird but it smelled so good. Just give it a try and you'll love it, I am pretty sure. Rated 8/10.

Tim Tien Chee  dengan Sup Ayam (IDR 38k), weird taste again because it is a healthy food. Rather salty, bitter and sweet. This dish can fix the blood circulation. But since it tasted like a herbal and stuff = rated 6/10. Give it a try because it tasted so unique though.

And at the end of the gathering, we got vouchers from Soup Restaurant! Thanks a lot Open Rice for giving us an opportunity to meet another food bloggers at Soup Restaurant Senayan City. Such a good dinner :)

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