December 3, 2014

#REVIEW Republic of Burger Bintaro

Hello Wondrous Readers!

Republic is now open at Kebayoran Bintaro, near the Penabur School! I was too excited to write a review about it and finally got time to do it!

Starting from this super delicious one, Volcano Monster (IDR 69k). As they said, "Be careful with this one, Citizens! It burns..." well, it's true. It tasted quite spicy, for me, but for those who don't like spicy at all, it is spicy, seriously. The taste of the BBQ sauce was also strong. This menu consisted of fresh natural 250gr Australian premium Wagyu beef grilled patty filled with fresh chopped red chill and cayenne pepper, served with spicy bbq sauce, melted cheddar sauce, crispy red onion, and organic vegetables. Aaand, the beef was so tender! Rated 8.5/10

Mushroom Gravy Junior (IDR 41k), smaller size of our Mushroom Gravy Monster, with fresh natural 150gr Australian premium Wagyu beef grilled patty. The taste of mushroom was really strong (that I love the most), the meat was juicy, overall was okay! Rated 8/10.

Classic Cheese Junior (IDR 35k), a big no no. The taste of the cheese didn't pop out, too salty both the patty and even the mustard or something I can't tell the specifically. Not recommended. Rated 7/10.

The Republican Monster (IDR 76k), the best seller! It is republic of burger's signature dish contained everything you can find in a burger, 250gr Australian premium Wagyu beef grilled patty with organic vegetables, sautéed onions, double melted cheddar cheese, crispy sliced bacon, extra crispy onion rings on top, with our special sauce by your choice. And btw I chose BBQ sauce. It tasted quite sweet, and not as delicious as what I've expected. The patty was overcooked so, may be that was my unlucky day. Rated 7.5/10.

Fries, you'll get this as a package if you buy a monster. It was put in a bucket and well-fried!

Nutella Freeze (IDR 39k), so yumm! Original nutella pasted blended with chocolate ice cream and low fat milk. It was sweet and fresh, especially because it was topped with vanilla ice cream. The nutella tasted strong and pampered your tongue! Rated 8.5/10.

Complimentary from Republic of Burger because we tweeted @RepublicBurger on Twitter and we got these Snowy Jelly (if I am not wrong) and it tasted average. Which means nothing so special with this kind of dessert, rated 6/10.

The place was cozy too! But there were also shortage: too many flies and poor air ventilation. I think if they could fix it, it would be better. And how to get there:

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