November 20, 2014

#VISITDEA Finally Got A Foodisme Card!

Hello, uh, lovely readers out there <3
I would like to announce that I finally got a foodisme card! YEAAAY *full of happiness*

So I joined a photography competition held by Soal Perut x WTFoodies x Zomato at SWAG Escape @ Grand Indonesia (not sure when, it was like 2 weeks ago). And guess what? I won a foodisme card + a bag from foodisme + a bag from zomato (full of souvenirs)!

Honestly, at first I didn't want to join the competition, but, luckily I won haha. But when they announced the winners, I wasn't there so they gave the prizes to another person. Suddenly, Billy Oscar mentioned and told me that I was the winner and got the chance to receive the foodisme card but I had to come back to Grand Indonesia. So I did and took a picture with him.

Foodisme card is a card for food lovers, which gives a special experience when enjoying a variety of delicious dishes and a menu at restaurants selected. Only by showing the card to the card or touch the appliance at our restaurant partners, Foodisme Card members will get to experience a special and different attractive advantages to card members. Valid only in Indonesia.

Go get your card soon, more information >> <<

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  1. Great post! I am getting hungryyyy :)