November 22, 2014

#REVIEW MUSHI 'The Must Eat Sushi' Jaya School Entrepreneurship Week 2014

Hello hello hello hello!

MUSHI 'The Must Eat Sushi' was my favorite at the moment. Actually, they sold MUSHI at Pembangunan Jaya Junior High School because there was an event which is called Jaya School Entrepreneurship Week. I am not sure whether this group will sell this again or not (I RECOMMEND YES PLEASE, SELL IT AGAIN). But because this MUSHI is worthy, I'll write a review about it! 

Honestly, the reasons why I am willing to review this MUSHI are: 1) Very nice packaging 2) Clean 3) Fast and friendly service 4) The sellers were still high school students! Even younger than me :o

I bought MUSHI/SUSHI (IDR 15k) contained 4 (four) pieces of sushi, two of them were fried, and the other weren't. I guess it was filled with mushroom, crabstick, japanese cucumber, and etc. (I am not sure because I forgot the details haha). Let's go on to what it tasted like. 

The fried mushi(s) rated 8/10. The taste of the mushroom didn't pop out, it was mixed with one another (the crabstick, rice, and others) created a taste of balance. The most important thing: Well-fried! Then the normal mushi(s) rated 8/10. The taste was just the same with the fried mushi, but the mushroom tasted better! The size of each piece of mushi was huge enough, the diameter was about 5 cm and super worthy! Oh almost forgot about the mayo, it tasted good too but quite similar to Hoka-Hoka Bento mayonnaise.. so yea.

Well, I wish they could sell it again soon because I want it again :(

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