November 11, 2014

#REVIEW Kkuldak Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Hello people! How are you doin'?
This is a super short review about Kkuldak at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (3A Floor, West Mall, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta). 

Last Sunday, I went to Grand Indonesia to get my foodisme card *gonna update about it soon*. Felt hungry so I hit one of the Korean stop and go restaurant (can I call it a restaurant? Or a small shop? Not sure :P). It was Kkuldak (Honey Chicken Ball). The place was so small and there were only two/three tables available (two until three seats for each table). 

I bought Spicy Honey Chicken (Medium size: IDR 40k). It contained Honey Chicken Balls (of course!), tteokbokki (Korean snack food made from soft rice cake and fish cake), and something like fried potato balls. The Spicy Honey Chicken was tender and not really spicy but more into sweet, the tteokbokki and fried potato was okay. In conclusion, I love it and will look forward to buy again soon!

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  1. Good to know about your visit to this restaurant. I am planning to visit a new restaurant that recently opened in city. Had attended its opening event party at one of Los Angeles event venues. It was very awesome and I had a great time there.