August 25, 2014

#REVIEW Haikara Sushi Lotte Mall Bintaro

Hello People! How are you?

The last time I visited Haikara Sushi was a long time ago when my phone was not broken. I went there to have dinner with my grandma. The price was different from Haikara Sushi Bintaro Jaya Xchange because of the promo (it was 40% off for 10 menus). By the way it was located in the highest floor, guess it was on the third floor if I am not wrong. The place was small but comfortable enough.

Wakaida Gunkan (IDR 9k) Rate: 7/10. The baby octopus was savoury and rather salty. It was also combined with seaweed and japanese rice, overall was good.

Salmon Tobiko Roll (IDR 15.6k), I haven't tried it because it wasn't mine :)

Edamame (IDR 10k) Rate 5/10. Just like ordinary edamames, still warm, topped with salt. Nothing was special.

Katsu Tuna Maki (IDR 13.2k) Rate 5/10. It contained huge cucumber, small tuna, well-fried and topped with spicy mayonnaise, japanese mayonnaise and chili sauce. I honestly don't really like it. I don't recommend you to buy this though. But you can try if you want.

Next was Tori Katsu Jyu (IDR 24k) Rate 7/10, just the same as the one I bought at Haikara Sushi Bintaro Xchange Mall >> click here to read the review << but this one was sweet and unluckily the onions were overcooked. Oh yeah, there were peas! 

The last picture is my grandma, she is super cute and I love her so much! And when I asked her about the food, she said she loves it! Quality time with granny <3

Feel free to write a comment below if you've tried the food at Haikara Sushi because I would love to know!

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  1. hahahah aku suka banget loh makan siang ke sini :P

    1. Nahh ayuk kak mei kapan2 makan siang bareng lagii :D