July 5, 2014

#VISITDACHI My First Blog is Here

First trial. God damn it! It's seriously my first blog i've written. Never ever did it before. WOW!

I don't know what to say here. I'm not good at blogging, talking, or even sharing my long life story to people. Dea made it without my acceptance and she put me in. Okay, such a good experience for me. Trying to be communicative and informative are good though. Luckily it is a collaborate blog of us. HAHA. I'm sure Dea will take more part. :D

Well, i'm not really in a good mood now. So, let me just introduce myself.
My name is.. Desiananda Wulandari. Yes, too javanese. My dad is javanese and my mom is half chinese. People call me Dachi for short. Dachi? Why Dachi? I can't see the word Dachi in your full name! Again. Dea made my nickname when she was a kid. She couldn't called me Desi then she changed it to Dachi. Fortunately it is a good name and i like it so freaking much! Thanks, Dea.

I was born in 1992, December 21. I actually have 2 siblings: elder and younger. Yup! I'm in the middle. Dea is the youngest. She was born in 1998, August 29. Spoiled little brat which is mature enough for a child in her age.

I love photograph, traveling, and food culinary.

See ya again in the next post!


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