July 3, 2014

#VISIT Sour Sally Kota Kasablanka Mall

Hello Wondrous Strangers! Apa kabar? (means: How are you?)

Blueberry Yoghurt Milk Tea (Free at the moment, actual price IDR 23k)

My sister (@anateana) and her yoggy drink

June 30, 2014 was the last day to redeem your free sour sally yoggy drink! My sister and I were very excited and rushed to Kota Kasablanka Mall as soon as we know about it. We have to download Sally Sizzle (it's a game) in order to get free drinks.

We ordered Blueberry Yoghurt Milk Tea and Matcha Lychee Yoghurt Milk Tea. Both of them were delicious, but the Matcha Lychee Yoghurt Milk Tea is the recommended one. The bottle is so cute and quite tall. (Please note that bottles can only be used twice as hygiene and health reasons)

If you haven't tried the yoggy drink, you can buy it at Sour Sally @ Kota Kasablanka or Sour Sally @ Central Park. Well, I am not sure whether it is available in the other Sour Sally (counters/shops/stores/whatever) because it is a new product.

But guys, if you get any informations about yoggy drink please leave a comment below or maybe you have questions, feel free to ask! And let me know if you have already tried the other flavours of yoggy drink and recommend me the best one, I'd love to know.

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