July 17, 2014

#VISIT BlackBall No. 1 Dessert House in Taiwan Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall

It's Thursday and hang out with awesome friends is necessary! BlackBall, one of the best places to hang out because the place was cozy enough. Located in the upper ground floor beside Tawan. It was kinda hard to find because I had to find Haikara Sushi and walk through the back side. WELL IT'S HARD TO EXPLAIN SERIOUSLY. You can directly ask the security for direction, they will help you :p

I met my sister's friends here, and also I hung out with my friend and Dea. Btw today was the first time I drove a car without mum! Now I'll tell you those peeps on the pictures. The first one on the left (black hijab) is Maryam, a friend of mine who actually lives in Bandung, but spending her holiday here. The second on, of course, me. The third one is my older sister, Ana. The fourth one is Victor oppa. The fifth one is Dita. And the last one is Vika. They are all my sister's friends (more like Besties?)

Bonus, behind the scene hahahah my sister was having problem with her silly hair

I will write a review soon on the next post! And thanks Dea for the pictures!

Anyways, if you want to see more pictures

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Dea's: @dndea
Ana's: @anateana
Victor's: @rochirrephtto
Dita's: @widiwidita
Vika's: @vikaurora
Maryam's: @maryammuthia

See ya again on the next post!


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