July 12, 2014

#REVIEW Sour Sally Summarecon Mall Serpong

I went to Summarecon Mall Serpong to eat Japanese food at Takigawa. Unluckily, the restaurant was already closed. It is now changed into Gayo Coffee (still coming soon though). So, I tried Mujigae and moved to this lovely Sour Sally at the highest floor (I am not sure which floor). Located near Star Department Store. Well yeah I guess so hahaha. Initially, I wanted to buy the yoggy drinks. But the promo was over and there is no yoggy drinks at the moment. The person on the cashier said that yoggy drinks were only available during promo, and he offered us to buy the yoghurt ice cream instead of coming for nothing. 

Tadaaaa, finally we bought Pinklicious topped with Sally Bubbles, Longans and Grapes. Another one was Pinklicious topped with Nata de Coco and Longans. Because of Election day, the daily offering was buy one get one free. The pinklicious was sweet and sour of course. It was a perfect combination because it was not too sour and not too sweet. So recommended! You must try it someday.

This was the daily offering list:

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