July 5, 2014

#REVIEW Pocky Green Tea (Chinese Ver.)

Hello Wondrous Strangers! Apa kabar? (means: How are you?)

This post topic is about my review of this Pocky Green Tea (Chinese ver.)

I bought it in the Carrefour Supermarket when I was in Shanghai, China. I won a competition and one of the prizes is going to China yay! But I won't talk about that now (maybe later or someday) so let's get straight to the topic.

The package of this Pocky Green Tea (Chinese ver.) looked the same as the other pocky flavors but the colour was green which represented "Green Tea". This pocky, as you can see, had Chinese words on it. I can't read Chinese lol. But I am sure it was green tea so yeah.

The taste. I am trying to be honest, it actually tasted quite weird. No offense, it really was. I was so disappointed because it was not what I had expected. The taste wasn't like the real green tea, more like wax (Man, do ya understand what I mean?) and I didn't like it. As a green tea lover, I know the real green tea flavor, I hope the factory could fix the taste as soon as possible.

Besides, I really love the scent of the green tea. Perfectly match the colour. I also love the packaging and the design of the box and everything.

But guys, your tastes may differ from mine. One day if you visit China, don't forget to buy Pocky (any flavor) and leave a comment below, tell me your own review, or ask some questions! I would really appreciate that. 

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