July 13, 2014

#REVIEW Mujigae (무지개) Bibimbab & Casual Korean Food Summarecon Mall Serpong

Hello Wondrous Strangers! Apa kabar? (means: How are you?)

Yay it's time for reviewing the food! The first thing I ordered was Paket Bulgogi 1 (IDR 40k). The package was consisted of Bulgogi, Korean Fried Chicken, Rice, Japche & Kimchi. They present each dish in small plates.

Starting from the bulgogi. Bulgogi is a korean dish that usually consists of grilled marinated beef. The texture of the beef was very tender although the sweet and salty was balanced to each other in a standard way. So nothing was so special with this Bulgogi but everything was okay.

Korean Fried Chicken or also known as yangnyeom chicken is a fried chicken dish prepared in a korean style. The skin was crunchier and quite gooey (I guess that's because of the marinade). It looked spicy but it was not at all. It tasted rather sweet. I hardly tasted the chicken inside because the skin was very dominating. But I found that it was kinda hard to bite because the texture was firm. Overall, it was good to eat with rice.

Japche or Japchae is a korean dish made from sweet potato noodles, stir fried in sesame oil with vegetables. What I loved about this Japche were it could be bitten, not sticky at all and easy to swallow. It was different from the real korean japche. Soft enough and not too greasy. Though the tasted was quite bland.

*DISAPPOINTED ALLERT* The worst kimchi presentation ever. Very small portion, unsightly, the tasted was standard. Not spicy nor sweet. And quite sour. *just like super standard kimchi* I am a kimchi person and felt this kimchi was disappointment. Not recommended even though you'll meet this kimchi in every food you buy.

Next was this Korean Tea (IDR 8,182). I guess this tea was bori cha but I am not sure although it tasted like one of. Bori cha is roasted barley tea which is caffein free, roasted-grain-based infusion made from barley. Awesome tea and still my favorite until now. Please note that this was non-refill drinks, the size of the drink was huge enough, you could hold it with two hands. Prolly that big.

The third food was Paket Bulgogi 3 (IDR 41,819), the package was the same like Paket Bulgogi 1 (as I mentioned before) but the Bulgogi was replaced with Spicy Bulgogi.

Talking about the Spicy Bulgogi, as a no-spicy-person, this Spicy Bulgogi was not spicy at all not like my expectations. Even the onion was overcooked, thus eliminating the flavor of the onion. There was no difference in taste between spicy and not spicy bulgogi. Not recommended.

Ramyun! Yay! I've been waiting to talk about this unique ramyun. Kimchi Spicy Ramyun + Oden (IDR 38,182). At the first foretaste, I thought this ramyun was like the other regular instant noodles you can find in supermarket. Well yeah it was because the noodles was look like instant noodles. But what makes it special was the kimchi inside. I had been waiting for this kind of taste since the beginning. At first, I did not like but ended up addicted, so yeah it was spicy for people who don't like spicy. And the kimchi tasted amazing and really match the spicy taste. I personally loved it!

I have no idea what this Oden was made from. It was fried and tasted like chicken and the other tasted like prawn. HAHAHAH idk don't believe me about this Oden. I loved the round shape one, and I guess that was chicken but I seriously have no idea what the hell is Oden. But recommended! That was so yummy, even yummier than the one you find at Hoka-Hoka Bento cuz it was not too crispy.

I would love to call this "a drink from heaven". Citrus Honey White Tea (IDR 16,364) flawless! Not too sour or sweet and everything mixed perfectly. My favorite after all. Very refreshing after eating hot and spicy foods! This drink was just completely made my day and I am willing to come back only to buy this drink. And one more thing there was something like jelly (?) on the bottom ok I am not sure but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! You must try this somehow.

Next was Dolsot Spicy Bibimbap + Korean Fried Chicken (IDR 39,091). I ordered this because I was curious what the hell is dolsot? And finally I found out that dolsot is Korean Granite Stone Bowl that is of course HOT and for cooking bibimbap or mixed rice and jigae or stews. 

This bibimbab was consisted of rice, some different vegetables (carrot, bean sprouts, cucumber, etc.), minced chicken and an egg. All you need to do is mix all the ingredients and don't forget to add the gochujang (chili pepper paste). 

Here are the short tutorial on how to cook bibimbap. LOL!

1. Add a few tablespoons of gochujang into your bowl

2. Stir evenly before the rice becomes dry and scorched

3. Well you are done! Hahahah

The beef was not included, I added extra beef by ordering beef BBQ

I ate this bibimbab while it was still extremely hot. Please note that I don't really like spicy food. For me, this was so spicy but I could handle it. Overall, it was good if you were good at mixing all the ingredients. It depends on how you cook it. I recommend this menu because the taste was similar like the one I ate in South Korea. Yum!

Now let's talk about the best of the best...

Yeah the best of the best which is called Beef BBQ (IDR 41,819). I ordered two servings, I really have no comments about this. It was super duper tasty. I would consider this food as food from heaven. Moreover I am an obsessed fan of meat. If you visit Mujigae, you MUST order this food no matter how. Or ya'll will regret it for life. You cook it yourself, so the level of deliciousness depends on your ability. 

Unfortunately the first order was scorched :( So it was failed

And move on to the worst of the worst! This was the last thing I ordered so yeah

Don't you realize I am so tired writing this post -_- hahahahah. The longest post I've ever written so far. Korean Sea Salt Lemon (IDR 19,091). The concept was very unique but it tasted yuck. Lemon and something like cream cheese. Somewhat sluggish in my throat. Strange texture, salty, sweet & sour. I don't care it was gross. NOT RECOMMENDED. But idk why my first sister liked it. Maybe you will like it, just give it a try.

I found this cute subway route as the decoration!

Here are the iPad(s) to order

Behind the scene pictures! :D

Well I will come back for Beef BBQ and Citrus Honey White Tea. Love this restaurant, good food with affordable prices. Anyways, the service was free! You only have to pay the sub total and tax :D

Don't forget to let me know on the comments below if you had tried something at Mujigae! More posts about Mujigae:

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New post is coming soon!

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