July 27, 2014

#REVIEW MK Restaurant Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

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Finally, my camera is not broken anymoar! And here I come with a new review about a Thai food resto at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall. The Biggest & Most Favourite Suki Restaurant From Thailand yay! And this is the same restaurant as the the one I saw in MBK Mall, Bangkok.

Located near the escalator (3A Floor), beside Yoshinoya and very close to Jun Njan. The place was quite huge and there was a comfortable waiting spot there (look at those people who were sitting!). I had to wait for a few mins to be seated.

Cooking using the electric stove

Cute napkin holder >.<

The first dessert for appetizer lol. Chocolate Pudding (IDR 0), well it was free at the moment because of Ramadhan. It was so delicious, soft and sweet. The shape was also cute, it was like flower and I love it. 

I was so stupid because I forgot the names of the foods so I found out on the bills, it was like this: A18. MK Shmp F Balls (IDR 30.8k), A23. Sp Seawd Rolls (IDR 28.8k), A45. Gypsum (IDR 12.8k). I guess the Shmp/Shrimp Balls plate was the one on the left, Seawd/Seaweed Rolls plate was the one on the front, and Gypsum was the one on the right. They tasted exactly the same like other shabu-shabu restaurants, I can't explain.

Huge plate of veggies, A16. Sp Veg Set (IDR 86.8k), everything was fresh EXCEPT the corns. They were almost rotten and I was totally disappointed.

B2. MK R Duck w/ Rice (IDR 32.8k), well I guess it was MK Roasted Duck with Rice. The roasted duck was tender, quite tasteless, but the skin was not crispy and still tasty. Don't forget to spread the sauce because it tasted good! Sweet and salty yum. And the plain-looking soup was not salty at all, quite sweet but it tasted too average. 

B4. Stmd Chix w/ Rice (IDR 32.8k) or Steamed Chicken with Rice. The chicken was tender, but it tasted standard, nothing was special with the chicken. The sauce was like chicken broth, salty, oily and so yummy. I loved it. And the plain-looking soup was the same like the one from Roasted Duck package.

B5. Rice (IDR 15.6k). I don't think I have to write a review about the rice...? LOL. The suki sauce with sesame was spicy (Rate 8/10) lol I was accidentally chocking because of that sauce. It tasted different from Japanese shabu-shabu (which are salty). The shabu-shabu was sweet, I guess that was because of the corns.

The service was terrible. I was seated in a very small table, a capacity of 4 people while I am actually with my cousin, aunt, mom, and sister. When the food was served, the stove was not working so we had to move to another table. The worst service ever, the waiter didn't help us AT ALL, my fam and I had to move the foods ourselves.

I honestly regret to try this restaurant, but as soon as they improve the service, I'd love to come back.
By the way the tax all the prices don't include tax: 10% and the service: 5%. One more thing I forgot to say, I got 20% disc using Danamon Credit Card yay so lucky at the moment :P

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