July 20, 2014

#REVIEW Haikara Sushi Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall

Hello Wondrous Strangers! Apa kabar? (means: How are you?)

Yikes! Who said I was not with Dachi when she hung out wiff her pals? I am da one who was taking all the pics yo! I'd been waiting to write a new post, now it's the right time. Haikara Sushi Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall, a japanese food restaurant of course. The easiest way to get there, just look for Centro, and took the escalator to the upper ground floor. Located in front of the escalator.

First of all, I ordered two plates of Tori Katsu Jyu (IDR 24k) tasty enough in a standard way, nothing's so special about this dish, but the rice was too dry (more sauce would be better), the salt was fair (because I'd mixed it), and the chicken was well-fried (not firm at all). 

The second one was Salmon Crispy Roll (IDR 24k), topped with a lot of crunchy which tasted bland, salmon was half-cooked and I couldn't really tasted the salmon because the rice hid the real sense of the salmon. Unbalanced food ingredients.

The third one was Volcano Roll (IDR 20k), not too spicy and quite sweet, my favorite after all! And the size of the sushi was not so small (the diameter was about 4 cm).

Last one was Hot Ocha (IDR 6k), refillable! It tasted exactly the same like other green tea and I can't really differentiate green tea though. So it was okay!

I went to Haikara Sushi Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall with Dachi and her friend who currently lives in Bandung, Maryam. And when we were about to pay, we noticed that there was a promo there! (By the way I put stickers on their faces to hide their silly shock spontaneous reactions! Candid tho)

Well, yeah! There was 40% disc for all menu! Look how cheap all the foods we ordered :O. Tori Katsu Jyu (IDR 24k --> IDR 14.4k), Salmon Crispy Roll (IDR 24k --> IDR 14.4k), Volcano Roll (IDR 20k --> IDR 12k), but Hot Ocha was still the normal price.

You can find Haikara Sushi branches here:

This place was always crowded, the capacity of the restaurant was not too big and there weren't many tables. The service was quite terrible because we had to wait quite long to ask for help. But despite the shortage, the prices were so reasonable, so cheap to be exact because of the promo! I will come back again soon. But honestly I just came back home from Haikara Sushi Lotte Mall Bintaro. LOL gonna write a review soon!

Feel free to write a comment below if you have tried the food at Haikara Sushi, I'd love to see your reviews!

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  1. The menu is so pink and cute. Hopefully they will improve the service.