July 21, 2014

#REVIEW GeorgPeck Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall

Hello Wondrous Strangers! Apa kabar? (means: How are you?)

Had been craving for bubble milk tea for a few weeks, I went to GeorgPeck (near the skating rink and Haikara Sushi << click to visit my review) finally I bought one! I always have something to be my favorite for a moment, and I am currently in love with original Bubble Milk Tea. 

Wait what?! It is not bubble milk tea on the picture! Well yeah, unluckily GeorgPeck ran out of bubbles so I decided to replace the bubble with Grass Jelly! That's why it is called Grass Jelly Milk Tea with normal-sugar and normal-ice in regular size (IDR 21k). It tasted like common Milk Tea, nothing's so special. But since I was craving for it, I don't really care haha. By the way, grass jelly was tasteless and very soft. I recommend you to request for less-ice because it was too cold for me. *brainfreeze*

Not only Milk Tea(s), Snacks2Go was also provided by GeorgPeck! Here was the menu and you can see the price. I haven't tried anything from Snacks2Go. I am looking forward to buy some soon!

Although the place wasn't huge, it was really comfortable. Suitable place to talk or wait for someone. P.s. located really close to Skating Rink!

By the way, I would like to know more delicious drinks at GeorgPeck so if any of you guys... OK? You know what I mean? Leave a comment below yay

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