July 12, 2014

#REVIEW The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Summarecon Mall Serpong

Pure Double Chocolate (The one with lighter color) and Espresso & Cream (The one with darker color). Who doesn't love Ice Blended Drinks? I think everybody loves it! Due to the election day, each person who had voted for the president would get a buy-one-get-one promo which was available for a day! Because the day has passed, it's time to review.

Pure Double Chocolate, from the name we can guess that this must be 100% chocolate. And yep it is part of the Coffee Free Ice Blended Drinks! I am a chocolamist and I love everything about chocolate so this was my favorite. Not too sweet, not so heavy, it really tasted like pure chocolate, so I recommend this to all of you who love choco!

Espresso & Cream is the vice versa. This drink is a part of the Coffee Iced Blended Drinks. Since I don't really like coffee, I only sipped it. The coffee was not too heavy so it was not bitter too. But it tasted quite bland and need more sugar. It would be good if I put more sugar I guess. *I don't really like coffee because I prefer chocolate* And I think Dea would love it.

Very disappointing that I forgot to take pictures when the drink was full. I also forgot to check the price so yeah.

Find the way to Summarecon Mall Serpong here --> #HOWTO Get To Summarecon Mall Serpong

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