July 29, 2014

#REVIEW Bobabits Summarecon Mall Serpong

Hanging out for a while with family and felt thirsty and decided to buy some drinks. Bobabits Summarecon Mall Serpong, located near Mujigae and Marugame Udon. Ended up ordering Red Velvet Milk Tea topped with Chocolate Pudding (IDR 24k + IDR 3k). It tasted less sweet than other milk tea(s) that I've tried. It needed more milk and the choco pudding was quite tasteless. Not recommended.

The service was also quite bad because I had to ask twice for my bills. But the waiters were friendly enough. I am looking forward to buy another drink!

Find the way to Summarecon Mall Serpong here --> #HOWTO Get To Summarecon Mall Serpong

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1 comment:

  1. poor service is a big turn off, but at least the drink was good!