July 19, 2014

#REVIEW BlackBall No. 1 Dessert in Taiwan Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall

As I promised on the previous post, I will write a review about Taiwan’s No. 1 Dessert Outlet! Now open at Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall which extremely near my home. I just need a few mins to get there. We were sitting in the smoking area. Here are some pics:

Have you heard about the KakaoTalk coupons? Good news, the coupon could be used here. The promo was buy 1 get 1 free using KakaoTalk coupon and we ordered BlackBall Signature with Green Tea Ice Cream (IDR 35k + IDR 10k). The bubble was chewy and sweet, even if it was served plain. The grass jelly was the best of all. There was also a bunch of red beans that tasted excellent. It didn't make me feel sick at all (I don't really like red beans tho). The "biji salak" or I guess it is sweet potato balls or whatever it is called, too chewy and not so tasty. And the green tea ice cream tasted great but it fastly transformed into liquid.

And we got Pudding Crushed with Vanilla Ice Cream (IDR 0 + IDR 7k), well yeah, for FREE! I don't really have a lot of comments about this. It tasted good enough, the pudding was so yummy, and it was also sweet and be careful you might get brain freeze while eating lol. It was so cold and I guess that was because the shaved ice.

We enjoyed spending our time at BlackBall because the place was really comfortable. I'll come back there again soon!

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More picture of us at BlackBall: #VISIT BlackBall No. 1 Dessert House in Taiwan Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall

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