July 29, 2014

#REVIEW Belly Good Area 51 Pondok Indah Mall 1

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If you are lack of money or only bring IDR 50k on your wallet, then the best food you can get is this delicious ramen. I was visiting Pondok Indah Mall 1 yesterday, super hungry and my dad only gave me IDR 50k. He's so mean though. I am craving for ramen and found out that there's a ramen shop at Area 51 right beside Yoshinoya.

I ordered Belly Good Classic Ramen Package + Tori Karaage + Hot Ocha (IDR 50k) and added a little spicy myself. It contained bean sprouts, mushrooms, smoked chicken (I guess), a half egg with thick and curly noodles. It tasted super savory and salty (P.s. it wasn't spicy at all unless you add more spicy). The half egg was half done. The bean sprouts and mushrooms were still fresh. The noodles were rather undercooked. The smoked chicken was tender and the chicken flavor mingled well although some parts tasted quite charred. But it was still okay.  

Tori Karaage, the chicken was juicy and the sauce had a balance sweet and spicy. The salad was standard. Just like the one you can find in other Japanese fast food restaurants. Oh and also the hot green tea.


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Please note that Belly Good was at Area 51 Pondok Indah Mall 1 (I am not sure what floor, but it was at the same floor as Gramedia if I am not wrong)

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