July 12, 2014

#HOWTO Order at Mujigae (무지개) Bibimbab & Casual Korean Food Summarecon Mall Serpong

I was visiting Mujigae (무지개) Bibimbab & Casual Korean Food at Summarecon Mall Serpong last Thursday with my fam. It was quite confusing because Dea and I didn't know how to order using the iPad. But finally, we know how to order now! And I'll do a tutorial on How To Order there so you won't find difficulties like us.

How to order:
1. Choose menu on the iPad

2. Swipe to change the page

3. You can also see the menu from the category

3. When you find the food or beverages you want to order, simply tap the picture to order

4. Wait until a new window appears, change the number of quantities by tapping the (+) or (-)

5. Tap "Order"

6. When you are done, tap this green checklist on the top-right

7. This window will appear, please check it again to make sure there is no mistake 

8. Tap "Order" again on the bottom-right

9. There will be confirmation window, tap "Confirm"

10. Tap "Okay" and wait for your food :D All done!

11. There's also "Call Waitress" if you need help

12. Happy eating!

13. If you want to pay, you can easily back to the front page and tap "Billing" and get your bill

See ya again on the next post!


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